Ein Crop Duster Can Race
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Disney's Planes - "Franz's Song"01:21

Disney's Planes - "Franz's Song"

"Ein Crop Duster Can Race" (ook bekend als "Franz's song") is een liedje dat geschreven is voor de film Planes, maar uiteindelijk niet te zien was in de film.


Klaus, may I have a B flat, please?
(Brass instrumenten beginnen te spelen.)
Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Fritzy ist ein postal truck.
(Postal truck!)
Postal truck!
He brings the mails through mud and muck.
But add a blade and what do you know?
The postal truck can plow the snow!

(Sing ja, ja, ja!)
If a postal truck can plow the snow,
Then a crop duster can race.

Helga is a floating plane.
(Floating plane!)
Floating plane!
She can fly in sun und rain.
But her big pontoons conveniently
Let her float like a boat on the big blue sea.

(Sing ja, ja, ja!)
If a floating plane can float in the sea,
And a postal truck can plow the snow,
Then a crop duster can race.

I am just a teensy car.
(Teensy car!)
A weensy car.
I cannot go fast or far,
But add some wings and who am I?
Von Fliegenhozen in the sky!

(Sing ja, ja, ja!)
If a teensy car can fly in the sky,
And a floating plane can float in the sea,
And a postal truck can plow the snow,
Then a crop duster can race.

And maybe win first place.



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