Cars 2 Soundtrack cover
Nobody's Fool
Origineel gezongen door
Lyrics door
Zanger(s) Brad Paisley
Lengte 4:17
Films Cars 2
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Albums Cars 2
Vorige nummer Mon Cœur Fait Vroum (My Heart Goes Vroom)
Volgende nummer Polyrhythm

"Nobody's Fool" is een liedje gezongen door Brad Paisley voor de film Cars 2.


Had the time of my life Before I could see what was really going on And what you really thought of me. Look at me now, eyes open wide, Wiser today and driving away with my shattered pride.

Now I’m nobody’s fool It ain't no fun anymore Cause now that I’m nobody’s fool I'd rather be yours

Well you know what they say The truth sets you free And that’s just great unless you don’t wanna be And you can keep the last laugh, Cause I don’t like how it feels When you save face, but your heart breaks Courtesy of Well you’ve cut the wrong deal.

Now I’m nobody’s fool I miss the way it was before Don’t wanna be nobody’s fool I wanna be your, your, yours

Cause I'm a fool anyway Whether I leave or stay So why, why did I have to run? I wanna make you laugh, I wanna make you smile, I wanna feel like I belong to someone.

Now I’m nobody’s fool It ain't no fun anymore Cause now that I’m nobody’s fool I wanna be yours, yours.

Don’t wanna be nobody’s fool. I wanna be yours.



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